{Tell} Me When It Will Stop

My blogging has been sporadic over the summer, so if you took the time to visit me THANK YOU from the bottom of my crazy, busy heart.

I love joining in on Five Minute Fridays.  We have a new host now, Kate Motaung, and this is my first time linking up with her!  I love that I can take five minutes to write what’s on my heart.  No over thinking, no worrying, no editing.  I can steal five minutes to think about whatever I want to think about—this is pretty rare for a busy Mama of a large family!

Today’s prompt is tell.

Tell me.  Tell me, Lord, when will it stop?

Psalm 13

How long, Lord, will you utterly forget me?

How long will you hide your face from me?

How long must I carry sorrow in my soul,

grief in my heart, day after day?

How long will my enemy triumph over me?

Look at me, answer me, Oh Lord, my God!

This is my go-to scripture when I am ticked off.  The older I get, the more I realize just how much is wrong with the world.

What on God’s green earth happened in Ferguson, MO?  Where is the balance?  Why, just why, was another human being’s life cut short?  The truth of the situation, the true details, will take months to be released.  Why on earth would anyone think that looting and destroying businesses would make up for a young man’s life?  Why can’t anyone see that, if they were walking in the police’s shoes, they most likely wouldn’t want to face an angry mob of people (who have the right to be heard) with a BB gun?  Yet the use of more force only angers people more!  And most of all, why can’t we try to walk in the other guy’s shoes?  I will never know what it’s like to be a young black man, pegged as dangerous simply because of my skin color and where I was born.  I do know what it’s like to lock my car doors when I see a black man walking on the sidewalk—although, in my defense, I do this for white men, too.  What pressure, what an insurmountable wall must people of color feel?  In turn, I will never know what it’s like to be a police officer, called to protect and serve all people, yet discouraged and frightened for my life every second.

What about the Christians being persecuted in Iraq, driven from their homes, killed, attacked, stripped of everything but their faith?  Mothers neglecting their babies for drugs?  Babies going home with mothers from the hospital when they both test positive for drugs?  Genital mutilation of women, human sex trafficking, child pornography.  People believing that abortion is a right, a God-given choice for women, when babies—tiny, helpless human beings—are disposed of because women have NO choice.  Tell me, how does this happen?  Look at me, answer me, oh Lord, my God!

It’s OK to tell the Lord that we are angry and frustrated.  Then we must take those feelings, open our hearts to His light, and let that light pour out of us.  Darkness happens because God’s light is absent.

God’s Light is way deep down inside us all.  God, Jesus, Creator, Kindess, Goodness, Truth.  It’s all the same, and we all know this Light.  One person at a time, we must pass this Light to others.


You know when it’s hardest?  When it’s close to us.  The crabby, whiny 3-year-old.  The middle schooler having an anxiety attack.  The family member who walked away from two beautiful children for drugs.  This is where the Light can start or end.  It’s my choice.

I get it Lord, you told me.  It all starts with me.

6 thoughts on “{Tell} Me When It Will Stop

  1. Yes, there are days when I just want to bury my head because of all the evil that is taking place in this world. It is utterly heartbreaking. I am so grateful to know that Jesus will have the last word. He is ever our hope.


    • I know! It’s hard to remember that darkness has already lost. The Light has won! We are just playing out the details until He reveals the rest to us. God bless! Have a wonderful weekend.


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