Small Success Thursday: Blessings in the Busyness

It’s already Thursday, and this whirlwind of a life I am blessed with has me hanging on, just like Barb wrote over at! What are your successes for the week? Sometimes just surviving and not biting everyone’s head off when it’s busy is a huge success!

I’m going to jot down a few of the successes I have had over the last week, just to remind myself how blessed I am.

1. This morning, little Brooks was wallowing around in two huge laundry baskets of clean towels that I needed to fold. I hadn’t changed his diaper yet, and he leaked toddler poo all over the place. My success was not getting upset. I didn’t really have time to rewash two loads of towels, but apparently God thought I needed to do just that today!




This delightfully fun event kicked me in the rear, and I finally ordered two new bamboo and fleece fitteds to hopefully be our nighttime cloth diapering solution. I had been lazy and using a disposable at night, which for the most part I am OK with. However, disposables leak poo. Cloth diapers very rarely blowout. Hopefully we will love the new fitteds!

2.  I am nesting like crazy for the baby. I bought my birth kit and supplies for the home birth, set up my home visit for my midwives, and pretty much have everything I need. The next 6-8 weeks will fly by. I plan to sit on my behind as much as possible, just resting and truly enjoying these last baby squirms and kicks. This may be the last time I ever get to experience it all! Who knows? Only God, I suppose.

St. Gerard, St. Gianna, Mother Mary, and St. Raymond, keep praying for my pregnancy!

3.  Tonight is my grade school kids’ spring concert. I have all their outfits ready. Well, kind of. They are ready in my brain, I just have to pick them out. I can’t forget kleenex because I will probably cry during my 8th grader’s performance. She’s moving on to high school next year!

4. Over the weekend, we attended my grandma’s funeral. My heart is full of love for her. God sent us the coolest sign at the cemetery. Grandma loved hummingbirds, and while we prayed and said our final goodbyes to her, a hummingbird flew around her casket. We all smiled and laughed, thanking God for her life and for the eternal life we all look forward to.


Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.  ~St. Augustine


I will include extra laundry in my list of “work” I did today! Have a blessed, peaceful week!


5 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Blessings in the Busyness

    • Thank you so much, Barb. It’s been an emotional roller coaster lately! I feel very blessed and very much at peace about it all, though. God bless.


  1. Hi I would really like to talk with you. I have 6 kids and the 4 and 5 year old have autism They can’t talk. How can I get n touch with you. I know you are very busy. How is the new baby?


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