Happy Crappy Father’s Day! (When Life Gets All Screwed Up)

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Or several dollars short.

My sister-in-law texted me this picture this morning, and WOW! does it describe my life right now.


Father’s Day was everything it wasn’t supposed to be for my husband. We were rushed, snapped at each other, and ended up just plain surviving. I felt terrible about it, but it seemed like the more I tried to fix it the more it got screwed up.

Mind you, nothing catastrophic has happened directly to our family. The biggest blessing of the day was that we all made it to mass together. Two kids were altar servers, one blessed us by singing in the choir, and the rest of the kids behaved well enough for us to actually listen to the readings and homily. As a family, we brought up the gifts to the altar, which filled my heart with happiness.

Life with the tenth baby coming any second is not always easy. Throw in a baby who tried to break his foot, never-ending house projects that can’t wait, a dance recital, a horse show, and three kids in baseball, and it feels like a whirlwind of survival. It seems like ever since my grandma’s funeral we have been running nonstop. Some close family members have been going through tough times, and all we have been able to do is pray nonstop for them. My body is worn out and tired of carrying this big baby around all the time. It seems like I am in early labor constantly, and Mike is dutifully picking up the slack.

I wish we could fast forward a few weeks to when the baby is here and we have adjusted. That’s ridiculous, though! I don’t want to wish one second of my life away! The hard, crazy times are when we lean on God. Nothing else can get us through it. The peace that we are left with is only the peace that can be Divinely given to us. For that we are grateful.

Here is what I had meant to tell Mike on Father’s Day—


This picture of the Holy Family is how he makes me feel. Mike has always been our protector, just like St. Joseph. I know that places an enormous amount of pressure on him, but he handles it well.

I have no idea why God has entrusted us with ten precious souls to raise. Many couples struggle to have one or two children—why does He think we can do a good job with ten?

Maybe that’s the whole point. We can’t really do a good job of parenting without His help. St. Joseph is storming heaven with prayers for us. We’ve got this.

My prayer is that our sons can grow up to be just like their daddy, and our daughters will marry men just like him. All that crazy stuff in between? That’s the amazing life God has given us.

“Buckle up, baby, it’s a bumpy ride….” ~true words sung by Jon Bon Jovi 😉

5 thoughts on “Happy Crappy Father’s Day! (When Life Gets All Screwed Up)

  1. I know how you feel. I will pray for your birth to go well. My baby is 8 months now but I remember when I was in those last days before the birth. Things always get so hard and crazy in those first months after the baby for me as well. I love the pictures you put up. You have helped me feel a lot better with your blog. Its like God is telling me that it will be ok. I was in a dark place before I read your blog and I feel so much better now. God as finally given me directions again He seemed silent before. I don’t know if you saw my other posts but I have 6 kids ages 9, 7, 5, 4, 2 and 8 months and the 5 and 4 have autism.


  2. Happy 4th of July! Did you have the baby? We were supposed to go to Florida for vacation but the transmission went out in our 12 passenger van. So looks like we will be staying home this year. School starts here next month already. Wish I could do something to help you out. Praying for you and family.


      • That’s great! I’m sure you are glad to get that over with and be holding your little one. We got the van fixed and we are in Florida now. Going to the Florida aquarium and maybe zoo. I got a positive pregnancy test this month. Unexpected not sure how to feel with all that’s going on. I started the gluten free diet vitamins and found something at the health food store call added attention and it is helping my son focus and reducing his anxiety. So far doing great on the trip. What’s the baby’s name? Boy or girl love to see pictures.


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