My Spiritual Journey


I am Jaime, married to my high school sweetheart and mom to 9 kids.  I rely on God for my everything.  He gets me through the hard times, and I can’t imagine my life not knowing Him.

It wasn’t always that way with me, though.  I grew up mainly going to a Nazarene Church with my mom.  My mom got tired of my brother and me complaining about going, and my dad liked to sleep in on Sundays, so she eventually gave up taking us to church.  I did grow up knowing about Jesus.

I have a few distinct memories about God from my childhood:

  • The first is from when I attended nursery school with Ursuline Sisters.  Before nap time, we all lined up to kiss the crucifix on Sister Barbara’s rosary.  I remember loving to kiss Jesus!
  • The second memory I have of God was what I learned from my 3rd grade teacher, Sister Denis.  She taught at the town’s public school and wasn’t allowed to wear her habit.  I remember reading The Clown of God and drawing detailed pictures from the book for a project.  It’s amazing that the public school let her teach that!
  • Around this time I remember looking at the stars with my Grandma Murrell, wondering how big the Christmas star was that pointed to Jesus.
  • In 7th grade, I attended Baptist Church camp with my cousin.  I remember feeling very close to God that week.  I went home and tried reading my King James Bible front to back, but very soon got confused and quit after Genesis.
  • I started dating my husband when I was a freshman in high school.  His sister was my best friend, and I knew they were Catholic.  We dated for 5 years before getting married.  Mike slowly explained everything about the Catholic Church to me.  I was just stubborn and unsure about some things, mainly Christ’s Real Presence in the  Eucharist and “all that Mary stuff.”

Finally, after having our first baby, I knew God was calling me to the Church.  I clearly heard Him calling me at mass when we sang “Here I am, Lord.  Is it I, Lord?  I can hear you calling in the night.”

I started RCIA classes when our oldest was a few months old, and I was Baptized, had my First Holy Communion, and was Confirmed on Easter of 2000.  Ever since, God has pulled me closer to Him, each and every day.  Usually it has been through hard times, where I have to just trust.  Weekly mass is what get me through the crazy times in my life!

10 thoughts on “My Spiritual Journey

  1. I too love that hymn! And I love who you have become through His amazing power and love. Obviously you are one busy lady but happy as seen in your photos of your family. Thanks for stopping by and reading my recent post.


  2. I found your blog by googleing milk thistle and gf/cf, haha! I am a Catholic who loves reading blogs by other Catholics and I love the fellowship of finding Catholics. I have a 2 1/2 year old son who shows some signs of autism (speech delay) so I am doing the gf/cf diet thing and have been a bit obsessive looking for proper supplementation these days online. Anyway I thought it was funny that I found your blog this way…I don’t believe in random chance! God bless!!!


    • Oh, wow! So amazing! Milk thistle is great for the liver, as I’m sure you know. I think you are on the right track. I would highly recommend cod liver oil (we used Nordic Naturals), digestive enzymes (we started out with Houston’s chewables), a good probiotic, zinc, and magnesium. Liver support (milk thistle) is also an excellent place to start. God bless you. I started my little blog just to get the message out and maybe help someone. Praying for you on your journey to getting your little guy healthy. If you have any questions or want to talk things over, feel free to ask!


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