Meet Jaime

When I used to hear scripture about “bearing fruit” I would laugh. I thought of those poor, pregnant, barefoot, Catholic women bearing lots of fruit (kids), and I giggled to myself that I would NEVER become one of “them.” Fast forward 18 years later, and I am the proud, stay-at-home, “fruitful” Catholic mommy to 9 children, one on the way, and 2 playing in Heaven with Jesus.

This is my creative outlet, a place of my own where I can share the Holy Spirit in my life—whether in a quiet whisper or a big smack upside the head. I hope to share my story in healing children from autism (here and here) and life with 9 kids, but most importantly how God reveals Himself to me through it all. Some may call me “fruitful” while others may call me “fruity.” Welcome to my crazy, blessed life!

5 thoughts on “Meet Jaime

  1. Jamie,

    Was checking out your site again today. I have been following you for awhile and even exchanged comments. I know you have several children, like I do. My ministry has been expanded to health and wellness, was looking for another revenue source to fund my ministry work. It has been very successful. Would love to share with you and perhaps you or someone in your network of followers would be interested. Thanks, Peggy


    • Hi, Peggy! I feel like I am not very knowledgeable about blogging at all. Would love to be in touch! Just had baby #10, so not sure how much time I have available. Look forward to hearing from you.

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      • Jamie, God has blessed you so much!!!! Wow baby #10. Saying a prayer for you. I expanded my ministry to sell skincare with moms I know. Simply as a way to help cover our growing expenses. Not has been amazing and I love helping women. Just looking to grow. If you know any women interested would love your ideas. Blessings, Peggy


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